Gabler-Youngston is an award winning architectural lighting design firm founded by Morgan Gabler and Jim Youngston. Morgan and Jim have more than thirty years’ combined professional experience in theatrical and architectural lighting design, contributing to over 300 architectural lighting projects in that time, and have worked as a team over the last eight years. Gabler-Youngston is the result of a shared vision for improved environments through creative lighting design and thorough documentation.

Lighting design studies the interactions of volume, materials, user needs, and illumination. A successful design responds to and reinforces architectural elements without overwhelming them.

As partners, Morgan and Jim respond to the needs of clients through a collaborative process. We work with designers and owners as our collaborators to create an aesthetically pleasing, practically functional design that is also maintenance and budget friendly. Ours is an encompassing approach interconnecting all the pieces of the architectural puzzle, and resulting in a truly integrated design.

We love our work. Gabler-Youngston was founded so we could operate in a professional environment that supports our opinion that design is fun. We strive to bring better lighting to all projects as well designed environments create better places for people.

We continue to work toward our vision and we hope those of like minds will be in contact soon.