Our purpose
Our purpose


International Lead & Designer

Michael’s passion for connecting lighting with the surrounding structure started while he attended Southern Polytechnic State University to study architecture. Because of his natural talent for architecture and lighting design, Michael’s professor strongly recommended him for an internship with Gabler Youngston. Once on board, Michael fit in perfectly and delivered great results for clients, and thus became a permanent member of the Gabler Youngston team.

While on the job, Michael loves that he gets to be creative and work on projects that are meaningful to the communities who experience and see his work. In industry terms, Michael is able to “see” light, and has the ability to recognize the first and second order effects of lighting that even clients may not be able to envision in their own space.

Michael invests a lot of thought into the wellbeing of Gabler Youngston’s clients, thinking of good design as conducive to health and life. That means providing the best lighting solution for the occupants of the space and its usage. If spaces have truly thoughtful lighting, the people working, visiting, or living in the spaces are more productive, feel better, and want to stay there, which synergizes with every client’s goals.

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