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27 Jan, 2020
Lighting design firm Gabler Youngston launches new website

We’ve been a major force in the lighting design space for decades, with referral and repeat business keeping us busy.

Many of the decision-makers who want to work with us from referrals visit our website as a way to see our past work and design styles. Our old website served us well as a portfolio for a long time, but we knew that we could do better for both user experience and self-promotion.

It’s not enough for us, however, to just update our website to the current trends of the year. The goal is to do even better in this iteration at meeting our clients’ needs and expressing who we are as a company.

We did that by figuring out where our vision translated well to a website, and where we might have to think outside the box.

Designing a website for lighting design experts

One of the first challenges we faced was figuring out how to design a new website that could embody our own design expertise. While the medium of live lighting is different than the medium of a website, they both speak to how our eyes take in colors and forms.

Our solution was to select a website design partner who shared our values. Campfire Branding in Atlanta, Georgia, was our choice, and their aesthetic really brought our work to life.

The shared values Gabler-Youngston and Campfire Branding were able to embody in the website are to:

- Make sure design always serves the practical goal of the space.

- Design in a way that makes visitors happier and healthier.

- Add as much subtle art to the project as possible without taking away from the other values.

Once we established those paradigms, we were still able to accomplish on our website in tune with our brand and services and we moved to optimizing the elements that needed to be different no matter what.

Using 2D design to showcase live, 3D projects

The best possible way to experience a lighting design project by Gabler-Youngston is to tangibly visit a physical project site for yourself. Unfortunately, the cost of travel and tight schedules rarely allow for this personal experience.

So we want to showcase more than our quality; we want to show the range of facility types and variety of styles we’ve worked on. Whether your space is built for work, hospitality, religious service, medicine, food service, residence, or something else entirely, we want you to see a reflection of your goals in our online portfolio.

We accomplished this through a large digital gallery of work with verbal descriptions. By supplying multiple images and a summary for each project, we can help move our visitors to exactly what they’re looking for quickly. This simple but deep process also helps establish the kind of familiarity with our work that is important for a trusted partner in lighting design.

We hope that you enjoy our new website and see how both the portfolio and the website itself convey the beauty, originality, and practicality of Gabler-Youngston!

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